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Here are some things to consider that will speed up the tax return preparation process -- this will save me time and you money.

1. If we did not prepare your last year's tax return, we need a copy of last year's tax return, including the state return if applicable.

2. We need birth dates for everyone in your family.

3. If you want your refund deposited directly into a bank account, we need the routing number and the account number.  We need to know if this is a checking account or a savings account.  You can find the 9 digit routing number and the account number at the bottom of your check--your check number is also printed there so look carefully.

4. If you sold shares of stock or shares of a mutual fund, be sure you have the following information.  Sometimes the broker statement will have this information, sometimes it won't.

  • Date acquired
  • Number of shares acquired
  • Cost of the shares including commissions and fees paid to purchase (add these amounts together)
  • If you had dividends reinvested, you are going to have several "dates acquired" and several "cost" figures

5.  We need a copy of your broker's year-end tax report that shows interest and dividend earnings, and proceeds from sales of securities.

6.  If you earned interest at a bank or credit union, we don't need to see the statements.  You can just give us a list with the name of the bank and the amount earned.  Check the social security number on the account and make sure it is yours or your spouse's.  If not, let us know.  Look to see if any federal tax has been withheld, or a penalty assessed for early withdrawal.  If the interest was less than $10, you may have not received a statement from the bank.  That doesn't mean its not taxable--it just means they were not required to send you a statement or report it to the IRS.

7.  If you donated clothing or other items to charity, we need the following.

  • Name of the Charity, and city where located
  • Date of donation
  • A general description of the items donated
  • An estimate of the total amount you paid for all the items
  • An estimate of the total value for the items donated

8.  If you made charitable contributions by cash, check or charge -- We only need a total amount contributed --  We don't need to see all your documents.

9.  If you volunteered your time to a charitable organization, remember that the value of your time is not deductible -- it is specifically prohibited by tax law.  However, you may deduct your mileage and out-of-pocket expenses.  If you do something at church other than sit in the pews, you are probably a volunteer -- ask us.

10.  If you bought or sold a home during the year, we need a copy of the settlement or closing statement.  The settlement statement shows the purchase or sale price, and all the items paid for at closing.

11.  If you have rental property or are self-employed, call me to get an organizer for these activities.

12.  If you own a home and pay your property taxes yourself (not thru escrow), we need to know the date(s) they were paid.  Taxes are deducted in the year paid regardless of what year they are for.

13.  Remember, we need your original W-2s.  Make copies of everything else you send us.  If we have to make copies of your originals, it will add to your bill.

a If you are not coming to see us in person, make copies of your tax documents and send them to us by mail.  Keep your originals--send  me copies of everything else. However, I will need an original copy of your W-2 if we do not e-file your tax return.

a You may send your documents to us by fax 512-260-1917

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